Angus Muir

Award-winning light artist Angus Muir creates moments. Specialising in atmospheric architecture, Muir’s work is dedicated to conceiving and executing contemporary, immersive experiences. 

Springing from an architectural basis, Angus’ lighting design approach is conceptual, ambitious, and site-specific, acknowledging historical influences of the area while infusing fresh, contemporary energy into a space. With a strong background not only in the theoretical world of design but also in practical fabrication and application, his designs are fastidiously conceived and crafted from end to end. Working at the international cutting edge of technologies, Angus is devoted to international research and development, bringing new ideas to his work and clients every time. 

For all those who encounter an Angus Muir light installation, a sensory journey is undertaken through his innovative manipulation of space.

Muir works with a diverse and tight-knit team with varied experiences and skill sets. His studio is based in Auckland but the work is often for international clients and projects. Dedicated to renewing and revitalising spaces while acknowledging their history, Angus balances these three components to architect a mesmerising experience, unique and specific to each project and site.

Muir’s portfolio features a broad range of permanent and temporary projects, with an end-to-end design and installation service for every client – whether an event, interactive project, private commission, interior, public work, or advertising/corporate sector assignment.

Angus Muir's Artworks