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Trish Campbell

Trish Campbell’s work operates between the spiritual connection found in light and colour, the tactile response to materials and to the memories associated with experience. Each serves to feed the other by employing ‘repetition’ as the key. Whilst Trish’s background is founded in carpentry and dressmaking, her constructions of acrylic merge the principles of both to provide the environment to hold her work, employing the use of led lights and theatrical gels to paint a picture.

Her light columns are gentle sentinels. Meditative states are translated into elegant forms that emit an uplifting light. Influenced by ancient Greek architecture, and the Light and Space artists of the 1960s, Campbell’s artworks maintain a creative tension between formal lines and colourful freedom.

Campbell was born and raised in Auckland and studied a Diploma and Bachelor of Visual Arts at MIT and AUT respectively. She has been a past finalist in the Waiheke Small Sculpture Awards, in 2018 was invited to exhibit at Te Papa as part of the opening of their new Toi Art Gallery and in 2019 was a finalist in the National Contemporary Art Awards. She works out of her home studio in Orakei, Auckland.

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