Tim Christie

Tim Christie is a New Zealand-based multidisciplinary digital artist. His initial body of work emerged from a series of explorations where he examined the intersection between two distinctly different domains. The fusion between angular geometric abstraction and softer, anatomical forms spawned an original and intriguing new aesthetic. 

Over the past few years, Tim has deepened his interest in his art-making practices and extended the extremities of brightness and contrast to include lightboxes, large original weavings, paintings and prints. In particular, he has enjoyed playing with the space or ‘void’ between abstract and representational art employing mainly portraiture as the driver. 

Contrast is an inherently important feature in Tim’s work. The mesmerising effect of black & white (or light) lines, creates a vibrational quality at close proximity and a surprising 3D effect at a distance. With his light art, Tim is also exploring colour animation, using shifting illuminated colour and the way it interacts with material colours and translucency to give pieces a pulsating lifeforce.

Christie’s work captures a wide audience and he is experiencing rapid success in New Zealand and abroad. His innovative, fashion-forward style has been described as a modern synthesis of Op Art, Pop Art, Street Art, Geometric Expressionism and De Stijl. 

Tim has exhibited in a number of international destinations including Sydney, Hong Kong, Chester, Edinburgh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London and Manchester where he won an award with the UK’s largest fine art group. He also featured in New Zealand and Australian design awards and his work has been published internationally. Tim’s previous work in design and advertising has seen him develop some of New Zealand’s most iconic brands including identities for The Interislander, Radio New Zealand, New Zealand Wine and included redesigning the Invercargill brand.

Tim Christie's Artworks