Nagy Molnár

The Mysterlight Project was launched by Krisztián Nagy and Csaba Molnár, two Hungarian artists with a shared passion for exploring the mysteries of light and its transformative power on the human experience. Through their collaborative work, they have created a unique artistic language that blends elements of glass and optical light art with cutting-edge digital techniques, resulting in stunning compositions that invite viewers on a journey through the interplay of light, movement, and reflection.

Their works are striking and captivating, playing with the viewer’s sense of depth and perspective, and drawing them into a world of light and illusion. Their approach to art-making is deeply rooted in the legacy of Victor Vasarely, the Hungarian-born French artist who was a pioneer of the Op art movement in the 1960’s. Having had artworks of his on their walls growing up, it provoked their curiosity to experiment and create art in the 3D space.

Since the launch of their art careers, Nagy and Molnár have exhibited their work in galleries and museums throughout Europe, the USA and Australia, and are garnering critical acclaim. Their work represents a new frontier in the exploration of the transformative power of light, and their dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional art-making techniques, challenging the possibilities of this exciting medium.

“Our goal is to convey a new, previously unknown sight and visual experience to the beholder by using the physical and optical properties of special glass in contact with light, using various geometric shapes. We hope that beyond the mere spectacle, the viewer will be touched by the thoughts and questions that inspired our works”. – Krisztián Nagy and Csaba Molnár

Nagy Molnár's Artworks