Artwork Care Tips

1. Keep your artworks out of direct sunlight. Your artwork might have a protective layer of varnish/resin, but it is still possible for it to crack or fade if subjected to bright sunlight for long periods of time.

2. Do not lean anything against the surface. Objects near an artwork may not seem sharp, but it is always surprising what will cause a scratch. Prevent accidents and store your artworks away from anything that might press against the surface.

3. Dust your artworks with a clean, soft rag occasionally to prevent dust buildup. Don’t use cleaning products or water! Some artworks may require additional care, in these cases the artists will provide additional care instructions for your artwork.

4. Hang your artworks away from very busy and possibly messy areas. Over time, artworks can accumulate a thin layer of dust and pollutants, airborne grime from cooking oils, particles from smoking and insect specks. If there is a place to display your piece away from these things, or where it will be somewhat less exposed, try to position it there.

5. Wrap your artwork well if you plan to transport it. Be sure to put a heavy piece of cardboard over the front and back to protect it. Then bubble wrap and place in a suitable heavy cardboard box. Rough handling can damage both the painting and the frame so pack it securely. We recommend using an insured professional for packing and transporting works.

6. Try to avoid subjecting your artworks to extreme changes in atmosphere. Avoid excessive dryness, humidity, heat or cold. All of these conditions can affect the state of your artwork in a negative way (canvas puckering, paint cracking, wood warping etc.).

7. Do not cover artworks with plastic for long periods of time. If there is humidity in the air, they may start to grow mold. Cotton sheets are best for keeping dust away.

8. Check the condition of your artworks periodically.

9. If your artwork does get damaged, don’t fix it yourself. Contact a gallery for a referral or look up a qualified conservator. Amateur repairs can reduce the value of your artwork drastically.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the care of your work, please don’t hesitate to contact us and get professional advice. Once the work is in your home you are responsible for its care. By proceeding with this purchase you, the client , understands that Light Artworks (excluding Artworks made specifically for outdoor installation) should not be installed in a position where they are in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. These may affect the performance or colour over extended periods of time for which the Artist, Artbay Gallery, Lightworx Gallery and associates cannot be held liable for.

Wendy Hannah