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We welcome you to Lightworx Gallery.

With clean minimal lines, concrete floors and expansive white walls, Lightworx Galleries, by the Artbay Gallery Group, is a fresh, modern, contemporary gallery with a big city feel. With locations in both downtown Auckland and on the waterfront in Queenstown, our dedicated Lightworx Galleries are a national first. The galleries feature uplifting avant-garde works that inspire, engage, and wow their audience.

The highest quality light technology is used to create these spectacular works, but it is the innovative combination of light, colour and space that together create a magical effect on those who view them. The positive relationship of light and colour cultivate a meditative state, one of the biggest reasons why these light works are proving to be so popular with a range of audiences across the board. These elegant artworks are pivotal in uplifting your mood, your feelings, and your home.

Director Pauline Bianchi has curated a cutting-edge exhibition space that feels sophisticated and unique. Lightworx Gallery showcases New Zealand’s award-winning modern artist’s visions and ideas with artworks that are interactive and inspiring.

Enjoy the Lightworx experience.

Warm Regards,

The Lightworx Gallery team

Meet the Team


Pauline Bianchi

Gallery Director

“Colour your Life, Love your Art”

Having started out as a freelance Art Consultant, I’m passionate about building relationships with my collectors, sourcing works specifically for them, & keeping them informed on the rare availability of Artworks. My other passion is handpicking every single artwork that hangs on our walls and keeping my eyes peeled for future talent. Over the last 15 years, I’ve seen the value of some of our Artists work, double and triple in price. This provides future on-selling opportunities, with the added investment of the daily enjoyment of having it on your wall. Buying an artwork that you love is the start of a life long relationship, that continues to grow and nurture.

I believe that Art does change your life, and makes your house a home. There is so much to be said about loving what you are surrounded by. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing our gallery give opportunity & accessibility to our visitors & Clients within New Zealand & abroad, to see the best that New Zealand Art has to offer.


Frances Piacun

Queenstown Regional Manager

‘ Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time ‘ –Thomas Merton

I’m Frances Piacun and I am originally from the Far North of New Zealand. I have been involved in Art and Design from a very young age and in the past 10 years have had Galleries in the Far North and Bay of Islands. I relocated to the amazing location of Queenstown at the beginning of 2014 as an Art Consultant for Artbay Gallery where I am able to share my love of all things beautiful with the wide variety of international cultures represented here. I believe a home is incomplete without the stamp of the owner's handprint, with their Art Choices imprinting the final touches in their home.


Sally Bulling

Queenstown Lightworx Gallery Manager - BFA Fine Art

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso

From as long as I remember I have been in love with all things beautiful, luxurious and unique. This visual passion has led me into the luxury world of design, fashion and fine art. I have worked as an Art Consultant both here in New Zealand and Internationally for the past 10 years. Finding works for clients and organizations that align with their values and vision is an absolute pleasure. I am lucky to say that I love what I do, hanging new works for clients and seeing the WOW factor come to life in their own homes, never gets old. Buying art is an escape from the real world. You are buying hours of errors, frustration, joy and beauty.


Stephen Burke

Sydney Gallery Manager

"Creativity takes courage" Henri Matisse

Hailing from Whanganui I have had the most extraordinary life travelling the world and living in far off places. I returned to Queenstown in November 2019. Analytical meets creative; I've had a varied career path that spans from insurance to the arts, to interior design. From my own creative experience, I am aware that for an artist to create and then present their work to the world takes incredible courage. I'm constantly amazed at the talents and achievements of each and every one of the artists we represent. It is my belief that 'your' art collection should mirror your soul; that each piece speaks of a place, a moment in time, a connection.


Helen Thomson

Queenstown Art Consultant

"It has been said that art is a tryst; for the joy of it, maker and beholder meet" - Kojiro Tomita 

Returning home to Queenstown after living in Melbourne, I am blessed to be surrounded by the rich natural beauty of this region. The creativity of the artists represented at Artbay Gallery continue to inspire me daily.

Art speaks to each of us differently, often reminding us of special people in our lives, a time, place or sense of occasion. Not only does art enhance our personal spaces, but it also reflects our individuality. Having a special piece to admire in our daily lives nourishes our soul.


Kenzie Sampson

Queenstown Art Consultant

"That is the wonderfully complex thing about art; it is irrational and a personal feeling that can’t be measured." - Fredrik Karlsson 

Kia ora, I am a visual artist and advocate for the arts, hailing originally from Gisborne and the Coromandel Peninsula. I relocated to the scenic Queenstown in 2021 to join Artbay Galleries as an Art Consultant. 

I have been fully immersed in the arts since 2014 with a prior career in fashion and media. I have a passion for creating opportunities for people to access art, and for artists to engage with their communities. I strongly believe that engaging with the arts helps us to create cultural and community connections. 

Having travelled extensively with a multicultural heritage I draw my own art inspiration from the human journey and our overlapping cultural legends. As a practising artist that has also worked in art galleries, I understand both worlds and have a deep respect for artists and their creations. I thoroughly enjoy finding forever homes for their precious works, I find it is a privilege to be a part of this process. Art is something to be collected, treasured, shared and enjoyed over the years. I believe each person's unique collection of art is an intimate expression of their individuality, telling a story of what resonates most deeply with them and what enriches their world.

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Melinee Kong


"Take notice of what light does -- to everything." – Tess Guinery

I have lived throughout Asia and the Pacific since the day I was born, settling in Queenstown in 1999. I truly think this upbringing and my multi-cultural family has given me a growing passion for style, design, beautiful food and people.

Being a natural communicator, I've worked in sales, marketing, events and PR with some incredible NZ and global brands. I specialise in strategic creative direction in both digital and traditional platforms and feel I bring a fresh perspective to an already wonderful team. I love learning and uncovering new insights about Artists and their work to share with our Art family. I believe that thoughts shape our reality so it's important to fill our daily lives with beauty - whether that be in fashion, books, film, nature - Art in every form! 


Eleanor Whyle

Auckland Art Consultant – Master in Art and Design, Dip Tch Art, Art History

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

I have had the privilege of living a life of art, from owning my own design studio from a very young age to teaching art to inspiring young artists and adult students who have given themselves permission to become their true creative selves and live a creative life.

My desire has always been to work closely with artist’s, art educators and creative decision-makers who are inspirational in achieving constructive concepts and eventful projects within a supportive environment. Lightworx recognises the very best of talented and reputable artists creating in a range of media with sensitivity to match artworks with those who fall in love with the creations. The joy is witnessing a binding commonality in nature, culture, and all things deeply meaningful.


Kate Wright

Auckland Regional Lightworx Manager – BArch, BA

“It’s inspiration that drives you. It’s as simple as that. What’s it like? Like a window opening into a new world.” – Michael Smither

I think it’s fair to say my enthusiasm for art is infectious. Leading people to art and discovering what makes their heart sing is what motivates me. 

I like how no two people will see an artwork in quite the same way. That each person comes to a work or reads a work from their own moment in time. 

For two decades I have worked in the arts in Auckland. Nurturing relationships with gallery artists and creating dynamic spaces for clients to visit is paramount to me. Placing significant artworks into public and private collections has been and continues to be a privilege knowing the impact that this will have on the career of the artist. A career highlight includes placing an important work by a senior New Zealand artist into Te Papa Tongarewa’s permanent collection. 

Lightworx Gallery is a new concept in art. Playful, vibrant and mesmerizing the work pushes the limits of technology. The artworks capture your heart and draw you. Introducing Lightworx artists to collectors and project-based commissions that are site specific is a particular area of interest for me. 


Katrina Nación

Head Designer & Administrator - BA Communication Design

"Art is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone will have their own interpretation." - E. A. Bucchianeri

I have always had a passion for all things creative. With this, I chose to complete my Bachelors of Communication Design in Dunedin and am now harmonising those skills with my love for art. My role sits where art and design intersect; a role where I help our clients visualise artwork in their homes no matter where they are in the world.

Ella - Portrait-circle.png

Ella Todd

Designer & Administrator - BA Communication Design

“Creativity can solve almost any problem.” – George Lois

From a young age I have been strongly influenced and inspired by art and design. I knew I needed to practice something I was passionate about that would be stimulating, ever changing, creative and collaborative. For me, graphic design is a powerful tool to solve a problem or inform people to enhance our physical and emotional experiences.