The Hyperspace Bypass Construction Zone (HYBYCOZO) is a series of large scale installations and artworks that investigate geometric exploration through light, shadow, and perception. HYBYCOZO has evolved with the intersection of math, science, technology, material, and light and consists of artists Yelena Filipchuk and Serge Beaulieu plus an assortment of expert fabricators, handlers, installers, and a powerful community. HYBYCOZO creates, fabricates, and installs artwork throughout the world.

Yelena Filipchuk
Born in the USSR, Yelena attended UC Berkeley and studied Conservation and Resource Studies, concentrating on patterns in the natural world, biomimicry, and environmental justice. Then trained in studio art and fabrication, she thrives in the creative process, creating thought-provoking artwork that investigates patterns and forms as a way to educate and inspire. Yelena currently resides in Oakland, developing her craft and growing her practice as an artist and educator.

Serge Beaulieu
Born in Canada and attended Carleton University. Having trained and practised as an Industrial Designer for over 10 years, Serge has returned to his roots as an artist and sculptor by creating large scale artworks that expand the boundaries of technology, geometry and fabrication. Constantly investigating materials and processes in order to harness design as his medium for art, Serge resides in Oakland, CA operating studios and workshops for creative and exploratory growth.

HYBYCOZO's Artworks